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How to Buy Land Very Cheaply by Neil Shelton

How to Buy Land Very Cheaply by Neil Shelton:

How to Buy Land Very Cheaply Even in this day and age, unwanted land still exists, for those who know how to find it. byNeil Shelton Excerpted from Neil's latest book,LandBook, The small landowner's guide to buying, improving, maintaining and selling rural land.
Since this book is about land, the use and management thereof, you’ll find it a lot more fun if you can play along by owning some land yourself, so that’s what I’ve dedicated this chapter to: you being able to buy some land, even if you don’t happen to be obscenely rich.  (If you have disgustingly vast sums of cash, you may wish to skip to the next chapter.)  It seems as if everybody wants some land, and those that already have it want more.  I suppose there are a few exceptions to this rule, but not many, because even a monk needs a monastery.  That's why land prices are always high, and why some folks feel that if they can't afford to buy land now, they'll never be…