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Answers.com - What is the IQ of a rat

"What is the IQ of a rat?
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I cannot give you an IQ number but I can tell you this. Rats are very, very smart. Fancy (pet) rat tend to be smarter than wild rats. Fancies can learn to:

Come when called

Identify basic shapes

Learn commands such as 'Sit up' or 'Kiss'

Play hide and seek with you on command.

Not leave the cage until told 'Out' or 'OK'

Not go back in the cage until told 'In' or 'OK'

Rats make wonderful pet. AND THEY WILL NOT BITE AT ALL (hamsters, mice and gerbils all will)

Finally, if your getting a rat please don't breed or buy while shelter rats die! Rescues are always socialized. Please go on Petfinder.com to find a small animal rescue in your area."From Answers.com - What is the IQ of a rat:

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