Сообщения за января 12, 2010

Viper Died

Viper died after suffering from mycoplasma pulmonis. He was an amazing rat pet and tought me a lot about rats. Viper was very affectionate and always maintained fully cognitive eye contact and was great with my kids. Observing him made me realize that humans and rats are really close relatives on the evolutionary scale. I think all animals will eventually develop like humans-become very intelligent and self conscious. Evolution made them the best survivors, just like us. I will miss him. Vipers Goodbye Video

Treatment of mycoplasma pulmoni in rats:
First of all, if you see your rat breathing abnormaly and fast with hacking sound, take him to the animal ER. It will cost from $50 to $200 with meds, but thats the only way. Also dont use cedar or pine badding for rats (rodents).

There is no cure or vaccine for mycoplasma pulmonis. However, infection and symptoms can be suppressed with antibiotics in the early stages of the disease, but will most likely become a chronic condition requiring per…